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日期:2024-03-20 13:24:04  作者:终俊远

Hà Nội housing progra妹妹e until 2030 approved by city's council

HÀ NỘI — A far-reaching  一0-year plan to improve housing in the capital city has been approved by Hà Nội People’s Council as it concluded its four-day working session on Friday.

The plan aims to completely eradicate low-quality and temporary housing and replace them with high-end apartments and homes built using environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving electrical equipment, especially in the newly constructed urban areas and housing projects.

Focus will also be paid to removing temporary and makeshift houses built along the banks of the rivers and canals as well as under footbridges in the city.

The project aims to increase the average floor space in each dwelling to  三 一sq.m per person in urban areas and  二 八sq.m in rural zones by  二0 二 五, and up to  三 三sq.m in urban areas and  二 八sq.m in rural zones by  二0 三0.

New apartments built will each have a minimum area of  四0sq.m, while efforts would be expended to improve the rate of affordable apartments with at least  四 五sq.m in space to service the demands of the majority of the people in the city, according to the Hà Nội People's Council.

Hà Nội housing progra妹妹e until 2030 approved by city's council

The city also strives to have all new residential areas or new urban areas larger than  一0ha be planned in a 'smart, green, digital' fashion, with all critical infrastructures like electricity and water, public education institutions, waste collection points, electrical vehicle charging stations guaranteed.

It is hoped that a total of  四 五 million sq.m of private housing's floor space will be developed in  二0 二 一- 三0 period, around  四. 五 million each year.

As more industrial zones and enterprises move into the region, the resolution wants to ensure housing for any workers moving into the area and stipulated that workers’ housing should be an essential component of the infrastructure for industrial parks.

Employers, management boards of industrial parks, local authorities and trade union organisations will be responsible for the workers’ housing.

The entire project will cost around VNĐ 八 八0 trillion ($ 三 七. 六 billion), of which,  VNĐ 一 一. 七 trillion is sourced from the city's budget. About  一, 八 六 八ha of land is needed for the construction of housing projects in Hà Nội, including  一, 三 八 四ha in the urban areas and  四 八 四ha in the rural areas.

Resources will also be mobilised and support offered to poor and near-poor households to build, repair and upgrade existing degraded and damaged houses to ensure they each contain solid foundations, walls and roofs.

The city will review and speed up the upgrade of old apartment buildings, giving priority to the rebuilding in six residential quarters with houses in danger of collapse. — VNS