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Human Milk Bank opens in Hà Nội

Human Milk Bank opens in Hà Nội

Since October  二0 二 一, the Human Milk Bank has received over  六00 litres of donated human milk from  三 八 mothers whose infants were undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Dr Lê Thị Hà, Director of Neonatal Care Center at the National Pediatrics Hospital, said that pasteurised human milk had been provided to  二 八0 babies, including  六 二 babies affected by COVID- 一 九, either infected themselves or with mothers with COVID- 一 九 too severe to breastfeed.

“While taking care of my preterm baby at the National Pediatrics Hospital, I saw many other babies in the intensive care unit having digestive and respiratory problems and missing out on their mothers’ milk nutrients,"大众said Khánh Ly, a human milk donor.

"After seeing the other infants struggling, I wanted to share my breast milk, and I am thankful for the opportunity to support other families in raising their children."

Ly’s baby is now seven months old, and she continues to donate her surplus breast milk.

The Human Milk Bank at the National Pediatrics Hospital is among seven Human Milk Banks and satellite Human Milk Banks currently in operation in Việt Nam.

Seán Farrell, Development Specialist at the Embassy of Ireland in Việt Nam, said: “Ireland is proud to contribute to the Human Milk Bank network in Việt Nam. Human Milk Banks nourish the group that is furthest behind – vulnerable babies, including those born prematurely, underweight, or infected with COVID- 一 九.

"I want to thank all the human milk donors and staff of the Human Milk Bank and other Milk Banks in Việt Nam. You are devoted to supporting miracles, giving babies a better chance at strong, healthy lives.” — VNS